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Pack up your bags because we have a perfect destination for your next vacation. Mauritius is known for its charming island and is nonetheless a paradise on this earth. This breathtaking island lies in the center of the Indian Ocean and is blessed with natural beauty. You can find amazing hotels hidden under the shadow of the magnificent trees of the rainforest; you can just enjoy the sun shining on the sandy beaches or just discover the astonishing marine life under the deep blue ocean. The place offers a lot of recreational opportunities such as historical sites and cultural events. Though it is the most developed island among the Mascarene Islands yet it is different from typical beaches with white sand, luxury hotels and spas. Why it is paradise on earth because it has to offer something for every person coming from diverse backgrounds. The island is also famous for its variety of French, Chinese, Indian and African cuisines.

Mauritius is divided into nine districts, it consists of one city, four towns and 130 villages, out of these villages Chamarel is a must watch. The village is believed to be named after a Frenchman Charles Antoine de Chazal de Chamarel who lived in this village in 18th Century. Currently it has the lowest population i.e. only 700. The major attractions in this village are Seven Colored Earth, the Chamarel Falls and a park named Black River Gorges National Park.

Chamarel The Land Of Seven Colored Sand in Mauritius

Chamarel — The Land Of Seven Colored Sand

The Seven Colored Earth located in the south western part of Chamarel is famous for its colorful sand dunes. Since 1960s it has been successful in attracting tourists all over the world. We all have witnessed rainbows in sky but if you want to experience rainbow on ground then this is the place to be. There are a variety of colors of sand found in this area including red, purple, violet, brown, green, yellow and blue. The land derived its name from these seven colors. No natural calamity effects the colors of these sand dunes, neither these colors fade nor do these sand dunes erode. All they do is bless the viewers with their magnificent views.

How did these sand dunes come into existence? They were created by the decomposition of volcanic rocks also known as, “Basalt”; the volcanic rocks then cooled down over time and further the weather changes gave them a shape of small dunes. It is believed that Iron sesquioxides are responsible for red color whereas Aluminium sesquioxides are responsible for purple and bluish tones of colors.

Another mysterious fact about the sand dunes is that if you’ll try to mix all the colorful sands they will again get separated into different layers of colors. The most dramatic view of these sand dunes can be observed at the time of sunrise. You can also buy some colorful sand from Curio shop and share this unique gift with your friends and family.

Rhumerie de Chamarel Mauritius

Rhumerie de Chamarel is famous for its sugar canes, pineapples and other tropical fruits lined along the road leading to it

Close to the Seven colored Earth lies the famous Rhumerie de Chamarel. This Rhumerie is famous for its sugar canes, pineapples and other tropical fruits lined along the road leading to it. The guests can encompass a guided tour to the distillery and also benefit from a chance of tasting the best quality rum of Mauritius. Chamarel is also well known for its coffee, which has been grown in the area since 18thCentury introduced by French East India Company and is only available at Café Chamarel.

The Chamarel Falls is another amazing gift of nature bestowed upon this beautiful village. It has been formed by River St. Denis and has a height of 272ft. The falls are surrounded by thick vegetation and can also be viewed from Black River National Park. The Chamarel Falls are claimed to be the, “Best waterfalls in Mauritius”. You can also choose to have a look at the waterfalls from the upper deck located at Seven Colored Earth reserve. A swim in the shallow water at the bottom of the falls can also be enjoyed.

Mauritius Chamarel Falls

The Chamarel Falls is another amazing gift of nature bestowed upon this beautiful village

The Black River Gorges National Park is the largest park of Mauritius and extends over an area of 6,754 hectares. If you are a seeker of natural beauty then this park is the place to be and is a best choice for hiking and bird watching. The world’s rarest forest is also located in its vicinity. Moreover the hiking trip in this park also includes complimentary picnic lunch and the entire package is for 55 Euro per person.

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